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A bad workman blames his tools but...
by Alec Green - Thursday, 16 April 2015, 7:38 PM

Hi David,

I have a feeling I might answer my own question here but I wanted to know if you could give me any pro tips or advice? 

I was at a stunt show the other day which was in the evening, outside in a flood lit arena. As the light faded I was struggling to take good pictures because  my lens had a max aperture f5.6 at the focal length I was using. I wanted to keep the shutter speed as fast as possible because I was trying to photograph moving vehicles but my camera performs badly (noise wise) at anything above iso 3200 :-( 

So I felt I reached the limits of my equipment and in the end opted to using manual mode and purposely under exposing a bit (to get the fastest shutter speed) with a view to rescuing in post processing. Here are some of my better shots before it got too dark but as you can see they're not particularly sharp and contain lots of noise. Anything I could do differently next time (apart from getting a better lens with a big aperture :-)) ?