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Re: membership lifetime
by Alec Green - Monday, 19 January 2015, 10:46 PM

Hi David,

Thanks, that is good news always nice to have a pro on hand for advice ;-) This course really was excellent value for money :-)

You may also be pleased to know I'm now using techniques learnt during the course in my everyday photography and I feel it's added a new dimension to my photography. For example in the pic below, I took this while at the Marwell Zoo. I saw this grand old house and thought it'd make a great image but decided to try something a little different so instead focused on the lion statue on the entrance to the garden on the edge of the frame (like assignment 4 i think) with the grand old house in the background slightly blown out but still able to see the building and I feel that it kinda pulls you in? Anyways, I guess my point is my photos are more interesting now because of your course, so thanks again! Alec