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Tips for snow scenes
by Alec Green - Sunday, 29 June 2014, 12:00 AM


Hi There, I love to take holiday snaps when I'm away skiing but I tend to use a cheap point and shoot so if i take a tumble then I don't break a decent camera.

However a number of the shots I take (as per the attached image above) the snow in the photograph comes out kinda grey-ish. I can bring it back a bit in post processing but are there any tips you can give me to try and get it right in the camera.  

I'm guessing it's because i tend to use auto-white balance? But I have tried using the 'ski-mode' setting  with mixed results so maybe it's a case of knowing when to use it or perhaps i'm just expecting too much from a cheap point and shoot?


Thanks in advance 




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Re: Tips for snow scenes
by David Eales - Monday, 30 June 2014, 10:58 AM

Hi Alec,

A common problem and you are correct in saying your compact camera will have less options to overcome the exposure issue.

The chances are that your camera is going to get confused by the brightness of the snow. You can use a "snow" scene setting if your camera has one, or alternatively adjust the exposure compensation on the camera. If the subject is too dark against the snow then +1 should do it, don't worry if the snow overexposes a little, it can add to its look and stop everything from looking too grey.

Another approach is to change the camera's metering. By default most cameras are set to centre-weighted where the meter system considers the majority of the scene before making an exposure. There are also partial and spot metering options that consider only the centre and the pinpoint centre of the shot respectively and so will base an exposure on this area. If that's where your subject is, the exposure will be set accordingly and you probably won't need to adjust the exposure compensation as outlined above.

I hope that helps, David.

I'm the big kid in the middle
Re: Tips for snow scenes
by Alec Green - Monday, 30 June 2014, 12:50 PM

I see, that makes sense. I'll give it a go on my next ski trip. 

Many thanks